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An international ministry with a global mission!!!

Every Vision begins with a simple word which grows into a destiny.

Colin Blom

Colin Blom


Colin is a Visionary with a passion for the Kingdom of God. He is a graduate of Christ For the Nations Institute, Dallas, TX. Besides his love for the Lord his heartbeats for the nations and to develop leaders within the body of Christ.


Noel & Susan Lunsford

Noel & Susan Lunsford


Noel & Susan have greatly impacted many lives through their love and commitment to the Lord. Noel is a gifted teacher. Susan has a strong prophetic voice that is both accurate and loving. 

Our Purpose

Every ministry has within its DNA a mandate, vision and focus given by the Lord. It is this DNA which identifies the mantle of the ministry and which draws people to its ranks in order to fulfill a commission from the Lord. Not all ministries have the same mandate or vision however all have the same DNA with the same purpose and that is to expand the Kingdom of God on the earth. God’s plan was never for the body of Christ to compete against each other but rather to collectively spread the message of the Cross, each in their own unique calling.

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Wellness Book Series

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